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We have different games for action, concentration and fun, for example table-soccer, table-tennis, different kinds of board and skill games etc.

Most of them are handmade and all glow in black light. Because of the painting or the modified functions it`s always fascinating.

The black-light-games take place in a darkened tent, pavillons and outdoors, so it's usable during the day.

TIP: Possible to combine with action for adults at night


Our repertoire includes many games for fun with action, concentration and skill. All are glowing in the black light:

- Table football, table tennis, water football, giant four-row
- Twister with Wheel of Fortune, Can-Throwing (with rubber rope badminton or
  magnetically overhead on the ceiling)
- Finger football, Hattrick, Bowling
- Chess, mill, Memory, Jenga, parchesi-you-or-not, Lamp Duplo
- Curious foam machine, sponge badminton with lever-action

Part of our Blacklight-Games action is face-painting. We use UV-DayGlow Aquacolor, which is water-soluble and tolerated by the skin.

- imaginatively and lovingly
- lots of handmade accessoires and blacklight-paintings
- different themes like jungle, ocean, aliens or pirates

More attractions of Grusel-Gewusel or in cooperation with other artists:

Have fun with our selfmade Shooting-Galery! Children can shoot with balls or even with a bow and arrow at the target points of a creepy castle wall. If they hit it happens some unexpected. Even a look behind the scenes is exciting to see how the various mechanisms work.
Bookable as a single action or in connection with the CreepyCabinet or the BlackLight-Games.

Tip: also possible in the evening and at night (lightening-
        in uv-light!)


Always a wonderful atmosphere!

Rainbow Fairy Jenny enchant young and old with her giant soap bubbles. Children can always try and get involved themselves.

A fascinating festival fun for young and old - next to the Grusel-Gewusel-tent and mobile on the festival grounds.

Crazy plays and walking acts for adults and children - in the Grusel-Gewusel-tent or on stage. More recent plays on request.




This one woman show by Mirjam Ellenbroek portrays the masks Jeff and Kim with the most beautiful and most bitter love songs. A concert for love and frustrated adults.

"This one woman show is guaranteed to have you spell-bound and laughing" Kathy O'Leary (Irish artist)

(Stefan Wenzel, Samira Lehmann)

Kasper is back. And he gets naughty with new friends he has picked up on the street. A partnership with benefit on all sides. And if something goes wrong, someone gets a spanking. In the stage of Kasper they meet all: death and the pan flute player from the Andes, the silver Statue, saxophonist and of course the crocodile. Collect your courage, you donate centrally, the equitable distribution takes your Kasper.
For children and adults.